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New Building Construction Services

If you are looking to create your dream property constructed to your exact specifications, rely on our new home builders to help create everything you imagined and more. Our construction and trade experts can manage every element of the process from laying the foundations right up to fitting the final windows and doors. You can work closely with our network of professional architects to develop the plans for your perfect home within your defined budget, and we guarantee that these will be executed to perfection. Once you have finalised your plans, we will assess the site of your new home, carefully looking at every aspect of the construction process before providing you with a detailed quote so you can have a clear idea of the costs involved.

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Who can we help with new builds?

How much will a new build cost?

How much your bespoke new build costs will depend on a number of factors. The larger the square footage of the property, the higher the quantity of materials required. Costs will also depend on the structure of your new build and what you decide is the most suitable material choice for the construction process. Once your plans have been finalised, our team can discuss your project with you before providing an accurate quote.

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What is our new build process?

We will follow a detailed process to construct the perfect new build property for you, which involves three main steps to provide the highest quality service:

Initial quote

Once you have finalised the plans for your new build, we will be able to provide you with a quote for the project. We will visit the site to determine your requirements, assessing the amount of time and labour required to construct your home so that we can offer you the most detailed quote possible. We will talk through the contract with you to make sure you are happy with all the finer details.

Construction begins

Having agreed on the terms of your new build and finalised the plans for the construction process, we can get started building your dream home. Your property will receive a weekly visit from the senior project manager to ensure quality is delivered at every stage. As the project progresses and the property begins to take shape, you can follow along closely using online software to see how close we are to completion.

Quality check

Once complete, not only is it essential to ensure that your new build meets all building regulations, but we also carry out our own checks to ensure that every aspect of the property meets our high standards. Only once you are completely satisfied and we have comprehensively checked over the property will our work be complete.

Do you need to apply for new build planning permission?

If you are constructing a new home, you will need to apply for planning permission from your local authority before work can begin. You should make sure your plans take into consideration factors that will affect your neighbours. These include loss of sunlight, loss of privacy, noise or disturbance, the appearance of the building, and traffic issues, amongst other things. Consider these factors throughout the planning process so that there are less likely to be any problems when submitting your planning permission application. It is worth consulting an experienced architect so that these factors are taken into account when putting together your plans.

What building regulations do you need to be aware of for your new build?

Building regulations are set rules that you must follow throughout the construction process. You will need to contact your local authority or an approved inspector who can provide you with advice and check that your property meets all building regulations. They will conduct regular site visits throughout construction, checking your property against standards for structural safety, fire safety, ventilation, sanitation, and other safety elements. Arranging this with building control services as early as possible in your project will save you hassle in future and avoid your project being held up.

Our advice

Before deciding on a suitable builder for your new build project in Sittingbourne, you will want to consider their reliability and take a look at some previous reviews so that you can be sure you are choosing someone with the necessary knowledge and experience. Take a look at our top tips before beginning your project.

Why choose us as your house builders?


We are committed to providing the best customer service possible, working closely with you from start to finish to help you achieve the home of your dreams. Our process involves developing a close relationship with all our clients, talking you through the process and being easy to reach if you have any questions whilst construction is taking place.

to detail

When starting a project from scratch, it is important to execute every step of the process to perfection to ensure safety and leave you with your dream home. Our team have the training and expertise to keep everything going to plan so we can complete the job and leave you with a home of the highest standard.


We have a network of experts that help us to deliver the best possible final result on every project we work on. From bricklayers through to kitchen and bathroom fitters, we will construct a home that is built to your exact specifications and meets you and your family’s needs. We have been recognised with a Constructionline Silver accreditation and are verified by Trading Standards, so you can trust us with your project.


You will easily be able to track the progress of our team due to the methods that we use to keep you up to date on your new build. We use online Gantt charts to keep everything on track and you can use this software to follow as the project develops. Plus, we will contact you directly with updates and images of the work we have carried out.

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