When increasing the living space of your property, garden rooms aren’t often the first thought. With much confusion around building regulations and planning permission, they are often an afterthought when they deserve to be a priority. Granting multiple benefits, no matter how the space is used, garden rooms can bring an element of design and that makes the outside of every house unique. So, what are the building regulations for a garden room?

Is building regulations approval required for a garden room?

For many garden rooms, building regulations will not apply. This is so long as the floor is no larger than 15 square meters. It must also contain no sleeping accommodation. If the square metre footing of your outbuilding exceeds this limit, you may be able to go ahead with the construction so long as there is no space to host overnight stays. You should consult with a professional if this is the case to be sure.

What are building regulations in place for?

Building regulations are in place to ensure that your garden room is built to the highest standards, is safe for use, and is energy efficient.

What is planning permission?

Planning permission differs to building regulations and refers to the construction or expansion of a building. This could be an extension that is attached to your home or a garden room. More often than not, garden rooms will be considered a permitted development, but there are some factors you should look out for in your plans that could indicate that you will require approval.

Will I require planning permission for my garden room?

Before constructing your garden room, you will need to assess your plans and consider the following criteria:

  • Your garden room should be at least 2 metres from the boundary of your home
  • Your garden room should be no taller than 3 metres
  • Your garden room should cover no more than 50% of the total land surrounding your home
  • Your garden room must not be used as living or sleeping accommodation

What do I do if I need building or planning approval for my garden room?

If your plans conflict with any of the building or planning regulations stated above, you will need to submit a building or planning application to your local council. You should also seek assistance from a professional and trusted architect.

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